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Chatiquette is the etiquette (manners) expected in the "Chat" world.
 It's mostly common  courtesy.

  • Picture yourself entering into a party of people (initially strangers) from all over the world, with varying ages and backgrounds, and act accordingly.
    • You might greet  the group, you might watch quietly at first from the sidelines to determine the tone of the party. 
    • After watching for a few minutes, you may find that this isn't the kind of party you like....  and that's ok. There are plenty of other parties you can choose from; just leave as politely as you arrived.
  • You aren't talking to other computers; you are talking to real, live people with feelings, moods, and interests who happen to be communicating via computers. 
  • Remember that not everyone is chatting on the same time zone you are, and that your native language may not be the primary language of everyone in the chatroom.
  • Don't worry about correcting typographical errors.  They are expected, and can actually be a GREAT source of laughter for everyone (be sure you share in the laughter).
    • If you proofread everything you type, you will be too slow, and any reply may be out of context by the time you push the "enter" key.
  • Flirting is fine when you are with an appropriate group. Outright sexual comments and/or requests are NOT ok unless in a room designed for such.  Click HERE to see  More No-Nos
  • As in real life, some people will be rude or offensive.  Humor works better at diffusing potential problems than anger does.  Ignoring them works even better.  Anger on-line is a waste of energy.
  • Most chatters are nice. Ask if you have questions (and watch for their replies)
  • It is very helpful to address your comments (in typing) to the specific recipient if there is one. For example:  "ladyblue <or whatever the chatter's nickname is>, where did you say you were from?"
  • It's perfectly ok to shorten somebody's chatting nickname when you're "talking" to them. In fact.. that's how I ended up with "ker95" <vbg>
  • Ignore all those stories about masquerading as someone else on line... and just be yourself!  You'll have a great deal more fun, find better friends, and not irritate the heck out of people when you're "found out" (which you will be eventually - trust me. Experienced chatters can almost always sense "fakes")
  • Plain text may not express the tone of the comment, which is why we use abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons (symbols that indicate various facial expressions) to clarify HOW we say things.

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