More No-Nos
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E xperienced Chatters Don't Do These Things.....

  • Scrolling scrolling (a rapid entry of lines, with or without text)
  • Offensive, racist, harassing behavior including personal attacks (flames) and/or threats.
    • In most general  chatrooms, this type of behavior will result in your being removed from the chat, for a short time or indefinitely
    • Some services  will remove your membership privileges entirely.
    • If severe  enough, such activity can result in police involvement.
  • Typing in all CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered "yelling" and rude.
    • Chat in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is difficult to read, and makes the screen scroll too fast.
    • There is no quicker way to announce that you're a NEWBIE CHATTER than to use all capital letters!
    • Occasional use of capital letters is acceptable as emphasis of certain words (you can also put  *astericks* around the word to show emphasis)
  • Polling pollingis asking people to respond to a question with a series of numbers or letters. 
    • Especially in large chats, this can be very disruptive when people type (and often scroll) the nonsense in reply.
    • Just start a conversation with a topic, or ask people to "whisper" or "message" you.
  • Not respecting the rules of the chatroom.  If it's a G rated room, keep it clean. If it's a chatroom with a specific topic (i.e. "Windows2000"), stay with the topic.
  • Rudeness. Play nice, and remember that one of the chatters may be your next door neighbor!
  • Whining that no one will "talk" to you.
    • If you are interesting and join in the conversation, you will be included.
    • The same concept applies to complaints that the room or the chatters are "boring".
  • Posing as another chatter. Duplication of common nicknames occur.. but the deliberate act of being an imposter is considered... well... almost a violation of privacy.  Don't do it.
  • Chatting "under the influence". Please chat "straight and sober".  YOU may think you're doing just fine - but trust me, you're not. Just as it is in real life, you're probably not nearly as clever or able to hide it well in chat as you think :-)
  • Advertising your product, website, or service. 

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