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How to get there:  http://chat.msn.com
Rating (out of 5): download - 5;  features - 5; chatters/population - 5
Requirements: Guest accounts for chatroom access, but not allowed to post/ Subscription only for full access effective October 14, 2003
Download:  Automatic when going into the chat area for the first time, or when an  upgrade has taken place.
Room Selection:  You want it, MSN has it!

  • Click on the "more" button to see a full range of chatrooms.
  • Chats in nations other than yours are shown in the expanded list of chatrooms by "type".
  • Rooms created  by MSN are so marked, and usually have a bot (robot program) to control language and general offensive behavior. Chatters will  be kicked out of the room for posting a URL, bad language, and some other activities by a bot. Some may also have a live host.  If you plan on cursing or talking naughty, go to a chatroom that is not MSN created!
  • Chatrooms with live hosts are generally more controlled environments.  They will aso try to  answer questions you may have - but be patient, they get busy!
  • MSN created  rooms have a set maximum capacity, and a new room may be created when that  capacity is reached.  If you try to go to TheLobby1 and it's full, you'll be taken to the next Lobby room where space is available, which could be TheLobby8!
  • Members can  create their own chatrooms and set up preferences for that room. The options can  include the size, if the room is listed publicly, and more.  MSN takes no  responsibility for private chat rooms, or what goes on there.
  • To exit the chat entirely, click on the exit button in the blue bar at the top of the chat screen.
  • To exit the chat AND close your browser window, click on the X at the top right of the browser window.
  • To chat in more than one room at once (yes, you can do that), use the More Rooms button in the blue bar at the top of the chat screen, do not exit the existing chat room(s), and resize your chat windows as needed.

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