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  • Thank you to the great group in the After Dark Club on the original msn! You all taught me how to enjoy chat more than I ever dreamed possible - developing lifelong friendships, sharing dreams & the dumps, and mostly laughing and loving a LOT! {{{{{{{{{ADa}}}}}}}}}}}
  • Thank you to the people who really encouraged me in the development of this web site - special emphasis on Tex <smooch> and Dougie (an amazingly talented young man!) :-)
  • {{{{Big Brother}}}}, one of the few who understood the world of chat when the rest of the world thought we were nuts! He found his home (and moved up the ranks) at VZones, a Virtual Chat.
  • A huge debt of gratitude to all the past, present and future hosts and bosses on msn. Most of them volunteers, they believe in the positives of chatting, and work hard to help others discover the fun. Too many to list individually...  Becky, Michael, Joe, Gina, Gaston, Linda, Lisa, Marlena, Vicky, Jim...  on and on and on !  Been an honor knowing and working with all of you!
  • The artistic humor you've found here was courtesy of Nik Scott.  More of his internet related humor may be found by clicking hereI know he'd appreciate your visit .
  • Julie Martin (the Guide to Chatting of the original - before it got to be an obnoxiously commercial site) who said *really* nice things about this site.
  • and thank YOU - the visitors to this web site. You're the ones who have made this site so successful, and show the interest in becoming those wonderful chatters I so love to spend time with :-)

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