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Actions and Emotions

Depending on the chat client/software/site you are using, you may be able to use "Actions" or "Emotions"

In MSN chat, there is a button marked as ! to the right of the text entry box to use as an "action".  Pressing the ! button rather than <send> or using <enter key> makes your text into an action. It will appear differently on the chat screen.  For example, this is how a regular chat post might appear:

    ker95: is going to get a cup of coffee

If I typed the same words, but used the ! button, here's what might appear:

    ker95 is going to get a cup of coffee

In Yahoo! chat and others, there are built in emotions (not the same as emoticons).  These are prepared type, and can (depending on the chat software)  be directed towards the entire chat, or a specific person.  There are a number of them - allowing you to 'yell "for crying out loud"', to 'ducking and hiding'. If you see a button for <emotions> or <actions>, check out what's available in the program!

Using "actions" when appropriate can make your chat more fun.  You don't have to retype your nickname, and your post will usually appear in italics and "offset" from the rest of the chat.

Not all chat programs have actions or emotions available.  The Excite Chat program I tried recently didn't. In Pogo Chat, you have to type /e before the action.  The use of < > or *_* is still perfectly acceptable as an action, & .... works too!

    ker95: <is going to get a cup of coffee>

    ker95: ..... is going to get a cup of coffee

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