Text Formatting
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Many Chat Programs allow you to customize your text format selections

Want your chat posts to show up in red? Want what you type to show up in BIG Times New Roman Font?

Many chat programs will let you change how your text appears both to you and to others.  You can often change the color, style (bold/italic/underlined) and font to suit your mood.  Look for an button marked <options> or <preferences> or something similar in your chat for these text formatting, and other options.

If you change your text formatting, do all the other chatters a favor and use something readable? :-)  Trust me, you might feel like using lime green or baby blue, but others won't be able to read it very well (if at all).

You may also have the option to turn OFF all text formatting, and select the single text formatting you want all posts to use. This is extremely helpful if you find it difficult to read small or otherwise unfriendly fonts (like lime green). I often use this - all the entries appear the same to me then (regular and actions look different from each other in MSN chat), and it's easier for me to read.

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